installation art

Plaster, latex, bandages, plasters, embroidery.

This piece was conceived after reading the shocking statistics that 2 women are killed by their partner or ex partner every week in the UK. It is often reported as domestic violence as if it were a lesser crime.

This is a latex cast of a woman's body, wrapped in bandages embroidered with some of the names of those women who met their death during the same year. It was left outside where it gradually rotted and disintegrated.


Smaller feminised glass sculptures developed into installation pieces.

These pieces measuring 8ft were installed in a room with drawings of shadows on the wall and a slide show of fictitious shadows. The intention with the inclusion of shadow was an attempt to look beyond the object and consider its shadow: a presence that confirms an absence, echoing the absence of women artists and artists of colour in the art world. The fictitious shadows were included to evolve the idea of the presence/absence dichotomy.

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